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The White House
The Debut

We kick it off the show. Yay! (MP3)
[+] Ep#2 - The White House - We did Try
With Special Guest Katina Corrao ( MP3 )
[+] Ep#3 - The White House - Lets Get...
We almost stay on topic. Shocking ( MP3 )

[+] Ep#4 - The White House - Black & ...
A talk about Interacial loving? Who knew?( MP3 )

[+] Ep#5 - The White House - Outlandish?
Sara Benincasa talks Sex wit da crew.( MP3 )

[+] Ep#5.5 - The White House - Yup. Still..
We're still talking about it.( MP3)
[+] Ep#6 - The White House - Elon Got....
Elon got shot in the face. MP3 )

[+] Ep#7- The White House - White Girls...
Carolyn Castiglia kicks her hardcore style. (MP3)

Welcome to the White House.

Join host Elon James White(DC Comedy Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Company) along side his White House Cabinet: Desiree Burch ("Alt Comedy Diva" - TIMEOUT NY ), Hassan Madry(Opie and Anthony), Katie Halper (Laughing Liberally, ) and Aaron Freeman (Random Guy) discussing some of the biggest issues in the worlds of Politics, Entertainment and overall Bullshit. The White House is sure to be a crazy time. Hail to the Chief.

This weeks special guests are Sara Benincasa and Katina Corrao!

The White House Ep# 1-5 Features
Hassan Madry
Secretary of Hate
Desiree Burch
Sassy White Chick
Katie Halper
Guy Who Knows Sh!t
Aaron Freeman
No Clue What he'll Say
Fahnon Bennett
The Engineer
Special Guests have included: Katina Corrao, Sara Benincasa.
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